Laurenz: The English Car Industry and its References to our Stay in Preston


Once we were told to write short reports about our English exchange, I decided to come forward to choose the following topic: The English Car Industry and its References to our Stay in Preston.
As an admirer of engines with large cylinder capacities and a decent amount of horse powers, I should have seen it coming that there would appear a serious issue immediately: Aside from some upper class noble car brands such as McLaren, Bentley, Aston Martin and some further exceptions like some remarkable models by Land Rover, Jaguar and Morgan Motor Company the British automobile culture isn’t as comprehensive as expected. To put it another way: The British are not well-known for developing the best – let’s restrict it to that- upper mid-range cars.

However, in order to avoid being stuck in a pointless and nerdy discussion about cars which is always a matter of personal preference, I would like to introduce the link between my exchange partner’s interests and mine which helped to speed up the time that was necessary to decide on our evening’s entertainment program: Top Gear (followed up by Star Wars and Lord of the Rings). From my point of view it's entirely British and therefore it's as essential to watch and appreciate as Monty Python or Harry Potter. Unfortunately it came to an end in 2015 due to Jeremy Clarkson’s (its main presenter) - let’s express it in a British manner- “temperament that requires getting used to”. But they generously produced more than 22 seasons consisting of more than 177 episodes and a sequel which is now known as The Grand Tour and available on Amazon Prime Video. Nevertheless, Harry and I enjoyed watching it for a couple of hours. On one occasion May, Hammond and Clarkson were supposed to compete against each other in a challenge in which they had to drive a Morgan Three Wheeler, and later on a vehicle that was converted by replacing its engine by an airplane power unit with more than 27 liters cylinder capacity. This description sums up pretty well what those three men have been doing all through the years regardless of their employer. And despite the fact that it might not uncover the meaning of life, we had a great time watching it.