Lisa R. und Anton: Essen


The English cuisine isn‘t known to be the best in the world. The food many think of when asked about English cuisine is sausages with bacon and baked beans. If someone with such expectations had had to experience the the food that we ate, they would have been disappointed or relieved depending on what they thought of such food.

We were greeted with a typical English breakfast on the morning after we arrived. The cafeteria of Cardinal Newman College offered hash browns, which are made with potatoes and are baked in fat, sausages with bacon and baked beans. We think the cultural diversity shows itself in culinary variety. Preston, Manchester and Liverpool all have Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants as well as ones with food from many other nations. We ate Chinese, South American, Portuguese, Italian and French food.

The only time you could describe the food as bad was in a fish and chips shop in Blackpool, which made greasy fish with chips without any salt. Overall we can only recommend the food we ate in England.